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Preparing for the Next Downturn

How to Safeguard Your Money

Many people are not prepared for the next downturn or outright financial panic and could lose much of their money. We need to prepare now for what is predicted to occur.


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Canadian Blood, American Soil

The story of Canada’s contribution to the American Civil War

Many Canadians are not aware that thousands of their countrymen served with distinction in the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

They were present in all the great battles throughout the war.

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Mystery Plane Found in New Brunswick

Lost for 19 Years

The incredible story of two young men who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 1920s and became the first two casualties of WWII. After their plane crashed in Central New Brunswick on September 141939 it was not found until July 10, 1958.

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Love, Mating & The Rest of Your Life

How NOT to end up with the wrong person

The effects of relationship failure and divorce can be devastating and often the cause is nothing more than a case of being ‘mismatched’.

In a world with such a high divorce rate (4 out of 10 marriages) and so many unhappy couples, this guide will provide young adults, and even older adults, with the tools needed to help find the right life partner and “get it right the first time”.

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The Great Divide

Understanding the Language Issue

The essence of The Great Divide can be found in the title. What became an enduring struggle between the French and the English began with a series of blood feuds. From there it progressed into a long and difficult search for fairness and accommodation.

Bilingualism, once hailed as a panacea, has, for the most part, not lived up to expectations. Duality, the preferred option for some, is deemed to be expensive and divisive; segregation is offensive to many.

In the past, useless wars, half vast ideas from politicians, manipulation by government bureaucrats, and a self-serving elite have often stood in the way of progress. This has resulted in a huge expenditure of tax dollars with minimal results. Can we not find a solution to this problem?

The Great Divide dares present the facts and ask the tough questions. It is hoped that this book will form the framework for an informed discussion – one that is long overdue.

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