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Ninety-three percent (93%) of people living in urban areas are not ready for an emergency that goes beyond 72 hours. Are you prepared if disaster strikes? Our Readiness Action Plan (RAP) is designed to help you crisis-proof your life now to avoid panic later.  Staying Alive – How to Survive a Natural Disaster or Pandemic is a 3-step urban survival guide that is essential for every household. It contains 12 pages that could save your life.

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Staying Alive

How to Survive a Natural Disaster or Pandemic

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Dr. Blair Feltmate Talks Climate Change

Blair Feltmate, one of Canada’s foremost climate scientists and Head of the Intact Center on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) was a guest on CBC’s Maritime Noon on July 26, 2018. He shared some very interesting information. The world has warmed about +1 Celsius over the past...

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