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Joanne Ross / Jim Cougle

Joanne and I are a retired couple living in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Environmental issues have been a priority of ours for many years and now in retirement, we have the time to actively pursue this interest. Our current project is to help people get prepared for the climate emergencies that are predicted to occur. Preparing today will provide peace of mind tomorrow.

Over the past few months, we have used our training and experience to produce Surviving Climate Change – How To Crisis-Proof Your Life and The Climate Revolution – A Plan to Rescue Our Future. It is our goal to make both of these publications available to every household free of charge.

Although all of our publications are free, donations will be greatly appreciated. Your contribution will help us continue this endeavor and maintain an online presence.

We are funded solely by our own resources and by contributions from those who want to help us take our message to everyone who will listen.

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