Are We Prepared?

About Us

Joanne and I are a retired couple living in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Now both in retirement, we have the time to actively pursue our interest in publishing high quality condensed publications for today’s busy people. Our current focus is on emergency preparedness and environmental issues.

We are doing this primarily to encourage people to get prepared for natural disasters that are occurring all too frequently. We have used our training and experience to produce our latest publication, Staying Alive – How to Survive a Natural Disaster or Pandemic, an all-inclusive urban survival guide.

It is our goal to make all our publications free in digital form to anyone who is interested. We are funded solely by our own resources and do not rely on advertising or sponsorships. 

I am available to speak to your group or association should you be interested. Details can be arranged by contacting us.

Jim Cougle & Joanne Ross